One of the goals of the Candle Wisdom project is the exchange of experiences between our schools and students. So, in the last few days, our classes have decided to initiate an exchange of correspondence with our partner friends. In this way, our students intend to make known a bit of their class, of our school and culture, and to value reading and writing in a context of communication and cooperation. We also hope to discover and learn about the cultures of our partner countries and motivate students to research, explore and participate in activities aimed at strengthening their literacy skills. As we can see, this activity responds to many of the essential objectives of our project.

Thus, all participating classes wrote letters with the help of their teachers, took photographs, painted drawings and performed other works to send to their corresponding friends. It was a work that greatly excited our students and led to the cooperation of many teachers. Preschool students sent their letter to Turkey, the first grade to Italy, the second grade to Finland and the third grade to Latvia. Now it’s time to wait for the answer from our new friends.

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