Two projects that our school has been implementing in recent years are called Parents Storytellers and Students Storytellers. Although these are activities that are not foreseen in our Candle Wisdom project, we believe that they respond perfectly to the objectives of promoting reading and writing skills and involving the educational community in the everyday life of the school. In this sense, we find it pertinent to spread it.

Parents Storytellers consist of, on a quarterly basis, inviting a parent of each class, to tell a story. Some books are proposed by the parents, while others depart from the teacher of the class. Students greatly appreciate the dynamism of the activity by someone close to themselves and like to see their relatives involved in their school life.

Besides this activity, we promote another named Students Storytellers in which students of the 3rd and 4th grades tell stories to students of the 1st and 2nd years of schooling and preschool, aiming to encourage reading.

Both activities are of the liking of the students and aim to promote the taste for reading, raising awareness among students to the playful reading besides promoting collaborative work among teachers, students and families.

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