The exchange of correspondence continues and has been a wonderful experience. The reaction of the students has been indescribable when they receive news from their correspondence friends.

Preschool children sent a small book with photographs and descriptions of their daily activities. So, their friends from Turkey know what it’s like to be in a school day here in Madeira.

The first grade class received from Italian colleagues a small book of anecdotes in Italian. Now, we will translate it and certainly spend a lot of time laughing with the jokes.

The second grade class sent to his friends from Finland a small book in English about Madeira and its counties. It was very pretty and the way they arranged to let known our beautiful archipelago. Meanwhile, they received some beautiful collages on some of the most common animals in Finland. It was a very beautiful job!

The Friends of Latvia have sent us a letter and some beautiful personalised book markers. Third grade students loved it and are already thinking about the answer. Previously, our students had already sent some pretty postcards celebrating Friendship Day.

All the papers received have been exhibited in the various Erasmus boards that exist throughout the school. We are increasingly getting to know our friends, their schools and routines. This experience has been quite enriching and allows, in many cases, to add a face to what was just a name of the beginning of the project. To all the students who have been participating in this experience, a big thank you!

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