Our friends from Finland, Latvia and Turkey have already replied to our letters (Italian friends will hand in the third meeting to be held in March, precisely in Italy). And what beautiful works we received!!! Our students were very enthusiastic and loved it.

The friends of the pre-school of Turkey sent many photographs and works. We also learned a little more about their school, activities and city. Our little ones loved it! The answer is already being prepared.

From Finland we get very fun photos and learn a little more about their country. They will also receive an answer soon.

In turn, the students of Latvia sent photos, individual works and we also learned more about that country. The third grade students are already working on the answer and will soon be sent.

The exchange of correspondence has been a very rewarding experience for our students. In this way, they can communicate with children of their age in distant countries, getting to know a little more about their reality. Thus, we can expect that this unique experience will continue.

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