The visit to Santa Claus, second meeting of the Candle Wisdom project, was held in Finland from 21 to 25 January. Our school was represented by teachers Delina Fernandes and Lúcia Fragoeiro.

The visit began at the primary school of Vikkala in the city of Nakkila. Here, all the representatives of the partner countries were present, as well as the entire pedagogical team of the school and students. A guided tour was held throughout the school and each partner made the presentation of his country and school. In the afternoon, some sights were visited in Pori (Nakkila Church, Municipal Hall and Puuvilla shopping center).

On the second day, the partners visited another school in Nakkila – the Kirkonseutu school that welcomes students from 3 to 13/14 years old. Here too, it was observed the school routines through a guided tour. In the afternoon, a chemical plant and a sports centre were visited. At the beginning of the evening, all the partners enjoyed a unique experience in the Finnish forest, tasting grilled sausages and pancakes stuffed with sweets. All this went on inside a hut with active brazier and with accompaniment of hot chocolate.

So far, it has been two wonderful days filled with unforgettable experiences in which the partners were familiarizing themselves with the routines practiced in each school. There have been many exchanges of experiences, knowledge and strategies of action.

On the third day, a small excursion was held in the city of Pori and visited Tactic Games Oy, a toy, games and books company. The goal is to produce content that allows gathering and entertaining families and friends in pleasant playful moments. In the afternoon, they visited the museum Satakunta that gathers different exhibition spaces, from ancient times to our days.

On the fourth day, teachers and students participated in workshops related to reading and writing at Vikkala school. This involvement among all was quite positive and resulted in a very playful, creative and diversified experience. In the afternoon, they visited the historic hotel Villilä which also functions as a cinematographic studio.

On the last day, the students sang a farewell song and the partners were presented with some offers. The director of the Vikkala primary school offered, among other things, a traditional wooden mug used by woodcutters, called Kuksa.

According to the teachers representing our school, participating in this meeting was undoubtedly a very enriching experience, professional and personally. Contact with other pedagogical realities and the exchange of knowledge shared among the various partners has provided very rewarding and enjoyable moments. All these moments will certainly serve as a source of inspiration for a more innovative and humane future.

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